Risk and Rewards chart



 With low interest rates and low confidence in the banking industry, many people are taking money out of cash accounts and putting it into investments

But there are so many investment options out there, all trying to win your money -which is best for you?


Six Steps to the Best Investments

Step 1. Savers usually want a safe place for their Savings.

Step 2. Inflation - Investors normally want their investment to grow at least by the rate of inflation. 

Step 3. The term - Clients should normaly expect to tie their money up 3- 5 years + to get above average returns

Step 4. Risk - Each investment has it's own level of risk - pick the level that best suits you

Step 5. Appetite for Loss - Clients normally need to understand their appetite for loss to ensure they invest in the right type of investment

& Finally

Step 6. Clients should never risk any sum of money they cannot afford to lose



Bob Windust has had 30 years experience helping clients make good sound financial decisions.

During all those 30 years, he has seen 3 damaging stock market crashes as well as 4 property boom and busts. I take pride in that,during those hard times, we have helped and guided a great many of our valued clients to a successful conclusion with most of those clients still with us today.

Along the way, as a IFA, Bob has learnt a great number of important financial lessons some of which include:

Sometimes it can be all about the timing, The time of buying or selling a property, timing on making investments, timing your retirement

As Bob says "Get the timing right and it easy to make a profit but get it all wrong and its a long old slog back"

Even after 30 years in financial services, I have learnt that "Not only is money not the most important thing in life its not even in the top 4or 5 of life's priorities!"

"Because you can still be a millionaire and not even have a penny in the bank"