When you have more money  coming in than going out or even a lump sum,
you may be wondering,how to make the most of it.

1. Saving and investment are very different
Savers want a safe place for their money where they can get at it easily
Investors tend to want their money to grow by at least inflation
and accept that it may be tied up for some time

2.Each investment has it own level of risk
there are usually no guarantees that you will make money or even get your money back

3. The greater the Risk, the greater the potential for reward or Loss

4. The greater the ease of access, normally the lower the Reward

5. If you are considering investring with a financial company, carefully research their strength & reputation
because if you give your money to someone to invest or manage there is a danger of mismanagement or fraud

6. Never risk a sum of money you can't afford to lose and always speak to an IFA before parting with your hard earned cash!