From April 2015 you can now access alll or part of your pension pot.

But advice is needed to ensure you do the right thing and dont end up  paying too much income tax.

Afterall, you paid enough tax in your lifetime!..

A beginner's guide to Investing for the first time

1. Make an Action plan - how to get started
2. Get informed with what you want to achieve
3. Complete a money fact find - Work out your assets and liabilities

4. Decide how much to hold in your emergency fund plus short and long term goals
5. Know your risk profile - What is your attitude to investment risk, what amount in  low, medium or high Risk
6. Work out your time scale - short 3 yr, medium  5-6yrs, or long term 10-15yrs
7.Then research how to spread  your investment  portfolio.  

Finally always speak to an Independent adviser, just to make sure you get it right!

How to pick an Independent Financial Adviser in Cardiff or UK

You may find this article useful in providing the key points to help you pick an experienced IFA anywhere in the UK or anywhere else

Firstly what are the key points in picking the right adviser?

Having had over 30 years first hand experience as a Independent Financial Adviser,

I would suggest you consider the following key points in finding the perfect IFA

Picking a good IFA

  • Ideally your adviser should be located within 20 miles radius so that he is reasonable available at short notice, the fact that he or she is nearby means low call out fees or charges for travelling etc. However if you have an adviser who is further away but is always either available on-line,over the phone or via email, then if you are happy that's fine.